This unit gives you examples of away, here, in, off, on, on top of, out of, over, under, underneath, with and without when we are talking about objects, parts of the body and clothes.


There's only a little rice in the package.

I couldn't read the instructions on the package.

I looked at myself in the mirror.

There were dirty marks on the mirror.

I've got a pain in my back.

He slapped me on the back.

He was holding something in his hand.

He had a nasty cut on his hand.

It's late. The children are asleep in bed.

He lay on the bed for a minute to rest.

We sat in comfortable armchairs.

We sat on hard, uncomfortable chairs.

Take the sugar out of the cupboard.

Take the books off the shelf.


Who is that woman in the green dress/ blue shoes/ red hat?

Who is that man with the black umbrella/ beard/ glasses?

You can't go out without a coat; it's too cold.

I put a jacket on to keep warm.

It was very hot so I took my jacket off.

The coat was small; I couldn't get it on over my sweater.

He had a sweater on under his coat because it was cold.


I found my pen underneath a pile of papers.

The medicine was safe from children on top of the cupboard.

Come here!

Go away!

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