Exercise 68.1: Forms for comparison

Complete the sentence with the correct form for comparison of the word in brackets.

Example: Travelling by car is ____ (convenient) than by train.
Answer: Travelling by car is more convenient than by train.

1. This is a lot ____ (comfortable) than going by car.

2. It's also a lot ____ (safe).

3. That's the ____ (ridiculous) thing I've ever heard.

4. This must be the ____ (slow) way to travel that there is.

5. Why did we choose the ____ (hot) day of the year to go on this journey?

6. I think your car is ____ (big) than mine.

7. This is the ____ (unpleasant) trip I've ever been on.

8. The grass is always ____ (green) on the other side of the hill.

Unit 68