Exercise 61.1: Empty Subjects

Complete each sentence/question on the column A beginning with It or There, so that it means the same as the sentence(s) above it, using the set of answers on the column B.

Example: Seeing you is nice.
Answer: It is nice to see you.

Question 1

Column A

1. Talking to the driver is forbidden.
__________ driver.
2. This town has four bookstores.
__________ in __________.
3. Losing your keys is horrible.
__________ keys.
4. A strange man was at the window.
__________ window.
5. We must go now.
__________ go.
6. We have a lot to do today.
__________ for us __________.
7. I last saw her five years ago.
__________ since I __________.
8. I still don't know a lot.
__________ that I don't know.

Column B

A. It is horrible to lose your
B. There is a lot...to do today
C. It is forbidden to talk to the
D. It is time to
E. It has been five years...last saw her
F. There was a strange man at the
G. There is still a lot
H. There are four bookstores...this town

1:   2:   3:   4:   5:   6:   7:   8:  

Unit 61