Exercise 60.1: Relative Clauses

Complete each sentence/question on the column A, so that it means the same as the sentence(s) above it, using the set of answers on the column B.

Example: I know a man. He played hockey for the Edmonton Oilers.
Answer: I know a man who played hockey for the Edmonton Oilers.

Question 1

Column A

1. A grocer sells fruit and vegetables.
A grocer is a __________.
2. That supermarket stays open late.
That's __________.
3. I know a place. Beautiful wild flowers grow there.
I know __________.
4. I saw a very helpful policeman.
The policeman __________.
5. The family live next door. I met them.
I met __________.
6. A policeman was taking notes. I saw him.
I saw __________.
7. People worry about pollution. It is a problem.
Pollution is __________.
8. I would like to live in a place. There is no pollution there.
I would __________.
9. Someone had found a photograph on the street. This was it.
It was a __________.

Column B

A. a place where beautiful wild flowers grow
B. the family who live next door
C. a problem that people worry about
D. a policeman (who was) taking notes
E. like to live in a place where there is no pollution
F. person who sells fruit and vegetables
G. photograph that someone had found on the street
H. the supermarket that stays open late
I. (who) I saw was very helpful

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